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ZITIMA - Providing You Advanced Digital Publishing Services

ZITIMA - Providing You Advanced Digital Publishing Services

ZITIMA has a team of professionals with proven track record of bringing you innovative solutions. From digital publishing service to digital education, the leading company has been offering you a gamut of software solutions. ReadersMagic, ReadersHub, iSlate, Go4, iDesk, etc are different software systems for various purposes. You have to choose the right one and place your order. 


A team of professional developers and designers has been maintaining the highest standards of services and quality to deliver the optimum results. Not to mention custom software development that helps in indentifying and targeting the precise business requirement problems and subsequently in endowing a tailor-made solutions to successfully fulfill the specific business need. They work on agile development principles to adapt with the changing trends and relevant business requirements. 


What Will You Get from ZITIMA?

A team of developers and programmers has been working closely with clients to get familiar with their business objectives, identify their software needs, and act interactively with them to create specifications, check and assimilate the custom software solution across the enterprise systems and platforms of the clients including cloud, the internet and different systems. 


They are working on some innovative principles that include, but not limited to:

•    Iterative, low-risk swift approach
•    Ease-of-use and best usability
•    Data and information security 
•    Flawless backend integration

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Features and Benefits of Paperless Office Software

Features and Benefits of Paperless Office Software

ZITIMA is the global player technology and consulting services that helps the customer to achieve the sustainable success. ZITIMA advanced innovation on the engineering and service front will convert the core process for greater efficiency and higher flexibility.  IDesk is the integrated platform of the applications for collaboration and access to information.  Here some of the benefits of the iDesk 

•    It will maximize the workforce productivity.
•    Paperless software solutions are improved the decision making and monitor all the performances.
•    It will really helpful for Time tracking and accountability
•    Paperless office software
•    It will helpful for carry every one with the updates.
•    IDesk share important company links.
•    It will have an amazing feature of birthdays and anniversary remainder.

Apart from the IDesk ZITIMA have the wonderful service of digital education.  Education worldwide is one of the significant fields to observe revolutionary changes in recent times. Digital education is the remedy for this abhorrence of education across the world. As the pioneer in the revolutionizing digital education, iSlate is the best revolutionary changes in the traditional way of the teaching and learning. There are plenty of the countries where the mobile penetration is intimidating a billion of people which makes potential to digitally educate the people. 

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Phone: +91-9959777154
E-Mail: india-sales@zitima.com


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Digital Publishing Services to Transform Your Publication Work

Digital Publishing Services to Transform Your Publication Work

Digital publication has become the essential requirement of every publication house, news agency and magazine publication houses to keep their existing readers engaged with their content. They look for the digital publishing services or search for the right companies from where they can get the digital publication software to fulfill their desire.


How To get the Best Digital Publishing Services – Find a Trusted and Bespoke Software Development Company


One of the main questions that often take place is the selection of the right and reputed and bespoke software development company that has been developing digital publishing software or apps or providing the precise digital publishing services. Digital publication software systems play an important role in fulfilling your desire to transform your publication into the most demanding and innovative one. Such amazing services help your infield reporters to publish any new directly from the spot and any time; while readers get them in their Smartphone or other digital gadgets.


Choosing the right company or an agency that has a team of software developers and programmers with expertise in digital publication software is easy now. Online search is the best mode to fulfill your requirement. Go online, choose the names of top companies as per search result go through the type of services offered to you and leave the rest of the work on experts working there.


ZITIMA – Your True Partner to Fulfill Your Demand for the Best Digital Publication Software


When it comes to choosing the best digital publication software, you will have some better options of choosing the best one and from the comfort of home. Among some of the top companies that are bringing you the best digital publishing services and developing the advanced digital publication software systems, none of ZITIMA comes on the top. Having been in the domain for last many years, ZITIMA has become a trusted name from where you will get a variety of software systems designed and developed for better digital publication. These systems include islate, ReadersHub, ReadersMagic, Go4 and the list goes on. They are the ideal solutions for those who are still struggling to make their digital publication smart and innovative.


You have to choose the right software system according to your requirement or contact as per your choice for digital publishing services and leave the rest of the work on experts working there. There is a lot more offered at ZITIMA that will go well with your budget and fulfill your requirement for the best digital publication solutions.


The Main motive of programmers and developers working here is to keep you engaged with your existing customers and at the same time provide you some better ways of fulfilling your requirement. In order to get the right services or any kind of software development support, what all you have to do is simply contact via any preferred way that is suitable for you.


So what you are waiting for, keep in touch with ZITIMA to transform your publication into digital publication.


Click here for more details: http://www.zitima.com/digital-publishing/


E-Mail: india-sales@zitima.com
Mob No: +91-9959-777-154
Website: www.zitima.com